Rachel Burr

Rachel Burr is an Australian Model and Pin-up girl who regularly graces the country's most popular men's magazine covers.

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Burr is a favorite of Australian guy publications Zoo Weekly and Ralph, appearing multiple times on their covers and regularly featured in their "Girls of" round up issues. What makes these men's magazines love Burr so much? One of her cover shoots for Zoo Weekly had a tagline that makes the word 'subtlety' do a head slap: "Knockers, Knockers. Who's bare? It's Rachel Burr."

She has appeared in the Russian edition of FHM as a 2011 "Hand-Bra of The Year Contender" although when asked on Nova FM what she thinks her best physical qualities are she told radio on-air personality Craig Low that it's "obviously" her eyes and smile. (au.msn.com)

Burr is also a darling for advertisers such as Jim Bean and Lynx, an Australian men's body care line, because of her long blonde hair and sweet smile. She told Zoo Weekly that she spends her time as a personal trainer and generally keeping in shape for shoots when she's not modeling.

She loves the outdoors and that a typical day for her in the summer is relaxing on the beach with her friends.

What's the question she gets asked the most? "When are you going to get your tits out?" she told a local Australian radio show Nova FM. "It doesn't happen on the street but people in the industry always ask us to." Burr has never appeared in a nude pictorial but she says she'd do Playboy but only because it is at the top of the industry. Other than that opportunity she's happy being on the covers of magazines with her clothes somewhat on.

The voluptuous model is very active on social media. She uses her twitter account to post when they can expect new shoots from her and also to reach out to fans and fellow models. Her Facebook page is littered with camera phone pictures of her photo shoots and also some of her favorite appearances.

Burr also has her own website where fans can see high-resolution photos as well as shop for calendars, key chains and order signed prints of their favorites spreads.

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