Peta Jensen

Peta Jensen (or as she’s sometimes known, Scarlett Reid) is an adult model and actress who made her porn debut in 2014. With measurements of 34DDD-26-36, it’s no surprise she’s a rising name in the skin biz. 

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A Christmas baby, Peta Jensen was born on December 24, 1991 and grew up in Florida.


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Peta Jensen segued into porn from the dancing world. "I was dancing. I started stripping. I got an email asking if I'd be interested in porn...I ended up coming out to L.A." She admitted that before becoming a porn actress, she watched very little of it in her personal life. As for doing girl-girl, she said, "I’m very picky about girls. They have to be in shape. But if they don’t have a nice p*ssy I’m not into it."


Though she doesn't have a preference in sex scenes, she did admit to liking bl*w jobs. "I have an oral fixation. I'm a hand-twist person. I like sloppy bl*w jobs." Per her model listing, Peta Jensen is available for scenes that include Boy/Girl, Boy/Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, Creampies, Foot Jobs, Gang Bangs, Orgy, Feature Dancing, Fetish, Prints/Stills, Bondage, Soft-core, Hand Jobs, Swallows, and Deep Throat. She said she'll add interracial and anal, but "not for a couple of years until it's a demand."


After her career in porn, she said she plans on becoming a counselor for sex addicts. She said she's probably freakier off-camera than she is on-camera. She called her experience in porn "awesome."


When not active on camera, she likes going back to Florida where she owns 2 horses. As of this posting, Peta Jensen was single and resides in Los Angeles.

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