Nikki Leigh

Nikki Leigh is a model probably best known for being Playboy Playmate of the Month May 2012. She is also known as Nikki Leigh Farnam. Her measurements are 34C-26-32 and she weighs 112 lbs.

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Nikki Leigh is also an honors graduate from California State University, Fullerton. She loves being a sex symbol with brains.


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Nikki Leigh said posing for Playboy has been a dream of hers. “As a 13-year-old, I would get a hold of my dad’s Playboy magazines and the women were just stunning.” She added, “I was a nosy child. At that age, I am not sure I knew what it was to be ‘turned on.’ I don’t know how I reacted, just that I was drawn to the experience.” Amazingly, the Playboy experience was her first time modeling ever.


Nikki Leigh kept the news of being a Playmate to herself for a while. “I told my mom and my brother, but I waited to tell my dad over dinner.” She said, “My mom is extremely proud and a bit jealous; she is funny. Since I’ve shown her my pictures she has been on a diet and working out.”


Nikki landed the gig as a fluke after sending in her photos for “sh*ts and giggles.” During the photo-shoot, “I went with the flow…they made me feel so comfortable.” She admitted people act differently when they find out she is a Playmate. Since her debut in Playboy, Nikki has hosted a show on Sirius XM Playboy radio. She’s also active and loves sports.


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Nikki Leigh described herself as a “gypsy of sorts. Instead of staying cooped up at home, I would rather be traveling and taking in everything a new place has to offer.” As to music, she is a big Britney Spears fan. With movies, she loves “Ace Venture Pet Detective.”


Her turn-ons are a “thoughtful goofball with a contagious smiles. Oh…and a tan muscular back never hurts!” Her turn-offs include a “guy who can dish it but not take it (I’m fun but FEISTY) and men who think they are God’s gift to women. Take a hike dudes, I’m not impressed.” Her secret talent is “eating…I’ll out eat you! Steaks, sushi, pasta, you name it, I’ll eat it.” Her ambition is “laughter.”


Nikki Leigh resides in Southern California.

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