Nemo Valkyrja

Nemo Valkyrja is the stage name of an artist and cosplayer best known for her photographs on

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Nemo Valkyrja purposely keeps a low profile. She has no Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Only her site on DeviantArt. Even her home state and current location are unknown. But here's what we do know: her name means Valkyrie in Old Norse, which is meaningful to her, as her heritage is Norwegian. She also loves mythology.


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Nemo Valkyrja graduated with a double major in Japanese and Asia Studies and even lived abroad in Kyoto, Japan. It’s no surprise then that she can speak Japanese. Her collection of tattoos includes a wing, blossoms and a Latin inscription, but she is vague about them as they hold a “great deal of personal meaning for me so I don’t really talk about them.”


Nemo Valkyrja warned there are a variety of fakes on the Internet who use her images. Even though she poses for photos, she said, “I am not a model and I do not want to be. I do not want money or fame. I do not do nude work.” She would also rather take a picture than have a picture taken of her. “I feel uncomfortable in front of cameras.” She abhors being the center of attention. “I’m just sort of an observing wallflower most of the time.”


Nemo Valkyrja began going to conventions in 2003, but didn’t consider herself an active cosplayer until 2007. In 2010, she fell in love with photography. As for why she’s on the Internet, even as she doesn’t want exposure, she said, “I like dabbling in art and learning new things…I want to share the work I do with fellow artists…I want to collaborate with other artists, too.” 


When asked about her height, she said short enough to have “tall envy.” And she would say she is probably the most unusual member of her family. A bit of trivia: she prefers tea over coffee, the country over the city; considers herself a good cook, and she wears contacts. She also collects Snoopy merchandise. “But it’s not very easy to find in the U.S. There’s a Snoopytown in Osaka station that I loved to visit though.”


Nemo Valkyrja is currently residing somewhere in the United States, and we hope she is happy, no matter single, or in a relationship.

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