Nell McAndrew

Nell McAndrew is an English glamour model turned amateur athlete who gained fame as the Lara Croft model for the video game “Tomb Raider.”

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Nell McAndrew’s birth name is Tracey Jane McAndrew. She is sometimes referred to as a “Forces Sweetheart,” as she’s visited many UK Armed Forces bases over the world.


Before becoming a model, Nell McAndrew worked as a bank clerk. With encouragement from her hairdresser, Nell got into the modeling business as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike, as well as catalogue jobs. For one of her jobs in Germany, she had to shave her head.


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Nell McAndrew gained traction as a Page Three Girl in Britain, but rose to prominence for her role as a Lara Croft model for the video game “Tomb Raider” in 1998. Because she later posed nude for Playboy, she was fired from the Lara Croft gig in 1999.


She has appeared in FHM, Maxim, Loaded, and various fitness magazines. She admitted to being a bit of a clean freak, and that one of the reasons she likes her modern house is that it’s easy to keep clean.


On TV, Nell McAndrew has appeared in “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!,” “Dancing On Ice,” and “The Big Breakfast,” among other projects.


She is also into fitness, and began her marathon running career in 2004. Her personal best time is 3:08:25 for a marathon. For her many glamour fans' chagrin, she said she has left the world of sexy photo-shoots behind her and that she “never really thought they were her.” She has since moved onto charity work and making exercise videos (


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Nell McAndrew said, “Exercise has turned from my hobby into my job. The majority of my work now is based around health and fitness.”


A bit of trivia: her favorite movies are “Pretty Woman” and “Dirty Dancing.” Her favorite TV shows are “The Apprentice” and “Strictly Come Dancing.” A phrase she uses too often is “You know what I mean.” She thinks a common misperception of her is “that I’m posh. I’m a real person.”


Nell McAndrew resides outside of London, England.

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