Natalie Neidhart

Born Natalie Katherine Neidhart, but known professionally as Natalya, she is a wrestler for WWE. Most people probably recognize her from the show “Total Divas” on E!. She is a member of the Hart wrestling family.

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Natalie Neidhart grew up in Canada and is the daughter of wrestler Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart. She graduated from Bishop Caroll High School in 2000. Though she wasn’t involved in any team sports, she was interesting in running, weight lifting, gymnastics and dance.


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Though she was trained by her family, she said her dad was at first reluctant to support her because he knew how hard the business could be and he didn’t want to see her get hurt. Natalie Neidhart chose to pursue wrestling because “it makes me believe that I can do anything. It makes me feel empowered and confident…it’s amazing to be a strong female who can handle herself.”


She debuted for Stampede Wrestling in 2003. In subsequent years, she wrestled in Europe and Japan. In 2007, she signed a contract with WWE. By 2008, she was ranked #19 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated Best 50 Female Singles Wrestlers.


As for her character, she said, it’s “really just a division of me. I bring Nattie Neidhart to the ring and I just let my own personality shine through…I am strong and powerful and still female. Sometimes I can get a little nasty though and a little bit of my dad comes through.”


As for wrestling, she said, “If you are weak, then you will not be able to handle wrestling. It is that simple…this is not a sport for weak people.” She added, “So many people want to get into wrestling for the wrong reasons…they think it is easy to gain fame and fortune…you have to be able to tell a story with your body…you definitely need an open mind and a chiropractor.”


Her nicknames include “The Anvilette,” “The Hart Dungeon Diva” and “Nattie by Nature.”


As for being followed around by cameras, Natalie Neidhart said it was strange at first, but she got used to it after a while. “['Total Divas'] really depicts all of my vulnerabilities…you get to see what the girls are like behind their WWE characters.” She added, “It is a little scary to put yourself out there and lay your life on the line and not know what people are going to think.”


As for her role as “the calm one,” she said, “I think that’s really how I am. I try to be the voice of reason.”


Her signature-finishing move is the Sharpshooter, and apparently, was made popular by her uncle Bret “Hitman” Hart.


Though she owns a home in Calgary, she resides in Tampa, Florida. Natalie Neidhart got married to T.J. Wilson on June 2013, though they have been dating since 2001.

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