Natalie Eva Marie

Raised in Concord, California, Natalie Eva Marie is many things: according to her Twitter, she is the "2012 Powertec Fashion Model Winner, Entrepreneur, Actress, Model, all American athlete (soccer), Mexican/Italian, SF GIANTS FANATIC."

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She added, "Live in LA Reppin the Bay." Her measurements are 34C-26-36 and for clarity, she is a mix of Mexican and Italian, which contributes to her dark hair and olive skin.

Natalie Eva Marie is the youngest of three older brothers and she grew up a tomboy. She went to Valle Verde Elementary School and North Gate High School. She loves sports, especially football, baseball, and the San Francisco Giants. "I'm super competitive and love to feel that pressure and drive to win!" But her heart belongs to soccer. Natalie Eva Marie played soccer throughout college at Cal State University Fullerton, where she majored in Business Management and minored in Human Resources.

Natalie enjoys exercising, hiking, the outdoors, reading, and claims that tamales and candy are her kryptonite. She fell into modeling when she was asked if she wanted to be in a car magazine. She loves being in front of the camera and she hopes one day to appear in magazines like Vogue or Cosmopolitan. Natalie Eva Marie loves high fashion, and cosmetics.

Natalie was seen in "Entourage," "America's Got Talent" with Taio Cruz, "CSI: New York," and she modeled for Red Chapter Clothing. She also holds a regular job. "I do bottle service at Playhouse in Hollywood, which is where you'll see me most weekend nights" ( She said of "Entourage," "[It] was actually my very first gig. I tried out for it, got a small part, and ended up liking the experience so much that I started trying out for different stuff."

Natalie Eva Marie said about past boyfriends, "It's not like I like to start drama, or go around looking for a fight. I just can't be with someone who's afraid to voice their opinions, or who can't butt heads once in a while. I'm a straight shooter, and I think a bit of that spark is healthy in any kind of relationship." But a relationship killer to her is "someone who's too passive, or who needs to be taken care of or who expects that from me. Confidence and ambition are the most attractive qualities to me, and knowing what you want and being upfront about it is a big part of that. Bad breath, too " total turnoff. You will be getting no action if you have bad breath!"

Natalie Eva Marie said, "Life is competitive enough, trying to stay motivated while still remembering to slow down and enjoy each moment."

She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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