Michele Maturo

Michele Maturo is a Los Angeles based model and DJ probably best known for her popular Instagram.

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Though Michele Maturo has been modeling since 2011, she says she never set out to be a model. "I'm a commercial actress and also do print and in the new year I'm moving more toward film and television." She grew up in a creative household. "My parents have always been the creative types. My dad was a musician and my mom painted when I was younger and they taught me self expression and to appreciate our minds and the minds of others."


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Michele Maturo admits she's a short model (and doesn't give her exact height; we had to guess), but says, "There are divisions and actually runway is the only division I'm not a part of and that is actually a very small division...there is more money in commercials and in my opinion it's more fun and carefree which I love. Height is obsolete for what I do."


If she wasn’t a model, Michele Maturo said she loves documentaries and filming. “And probably have my own skin care line.” She then added, "I’d also want to be a psychologist."


Aside from working out, she loves being active outdoors, such as biking, hiking and walking her dog. She also enjoys movies, taking pictures, reading and road trips. As for ideas to have a date with a girl, she said, "The best dates are ones that are random, you just go in the car, go to the beach, have lunch there, get lost. Take her to the drive-in. Do something different. Whatever makes you feel like kids. Try something new. Experience something together."


Though not married, as of this posting, she was dating Mad Decent Creative Director/DJ artist Paul Devro. Michele Maturo resides in Los Angeles, California.

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