Melissa George

Melissa Suzanna George is an Australian actress probably best known for her roles on “Alias,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “In Treatment,” for which she earned a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film. She will be seen in the fall on “The Good Wife.”

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Growing up in Perth, Melissa George was interested in dance and studied ballet, jazz and tap, and later transitioned into professional roller-skating. By the age of 16 she became a champion roller-skater and has toured the world and won awards, including national champion of Australia and a second place in the Junior Worlds.


Around this time, Melissa began modeling and dropped out of high school. She was named Western Australia’s teenage model of the year in 1992. After she met a casting agent, she landed a role on the Australian soap opera “Home and Away.”


In 1996, Melissa George moved to Los Angeles to pursue larger parts and more opportunities. She landed in “Dark City,” “Mulholland Drive” and “The Limey.” Her other roles include parts on “Friends," “Monk” and a recurring role on “Alias,” among other projects.


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In 2011 she and her husband announcing their intention to divorce. Since then Melissa George has been romantically linked with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. She is hoping to start a family soon, but is reportedly not interested in walking down the aisle again anytime soon. “I had a marriage, and lots of other things, and they were really, really hard…I would love my own kids. That stuff is obvious. I am going to be a mother, absolutely obvious no matter how, when, what. I really am picking the right father for my child. It’s very simple.”


She is fluent in Spanish, and her nicknames are Mel, Gorgeous George and Roo.


Aside from acting, Melissa is also an inventor, including The World’s First Snap Hem, one of the highest selling infomercial products in the US. She said she has earned more money from her invention than her acting parts.


Melissa George shares time in New York City, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.


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