Melissa Debling

Melissa Debling is a very popular British glamour model. She's graced the pages of both ZOO and Nuts magazines, and is very much on the rise. 

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Melissa Debling, also known as Melissa D, was born in Ramsgate, Kent, England on February 21, 1989. Ever since she got into modeling for magazines such as Nuts and ZOO, she's been on the slow but steady rise to super-stardom in the glamour modeling community. This is no doubt, in part, due to her incredible natural bust of 32F.


Along with her spectacular bosom, however, Melissa D has a lot of other great physical qualities that make her a standout among men's publications. First and foremost, she is a beautiful blonde.  She has also become quite popular for a signature move of biting her bottom lip while being photographed, which many men find irresistible. last but not least, her curves don't end at her breasts, as she has an unbelievable butt to go along with them, which, in the UK at least, is a big selling point.


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While Melissa D started out modeling for Nuts in 2010 as a New Nuts girl, she would find notoriety with ZOO, as the same year, she was crowned the winner of the magazine's Babe Election. This got her on the cover of the magazine, as well as a contract with them as well. She would eventually sign with Nuts, too, but it was her big win at ZOO that put her on the map. Then, to take her career even further, she launched her own official website. This move gained her even more exposure, and is a big part of why she is such a sought after model now. At the very least, it didn't hurt her chances of catching the public eye, not that her physical appearance hasn't been more than enough. 

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