Melissa Ceja

Melissa Ceja is a model, Hooter girls, MMA ring girl and Venus pool club bottle server. She was a Hooters Girl of the Month Miss March 2013 and a Hooters swimsuit finalist. Her measurements are 32DD-24-32 and she weighs under 100 pounds.

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Melissa Ceja said, “I’ve always dreamt of being a model. I always thought I was way too short to even be considered in the modeling world growing up, but once I realized that wasn’t the case, there was no stopping me.” She added that it’s a lot of work to become and remain successful. “I am 100 % self managed, so I’m constantly marketing,” ( Though she grew up in Rancho Cucamongo, California, she now resides in Las Vegas.


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As for her career, Melissa Ceja said, “You definitely have to stay strong to your morals, you have to know exactly what you want and you can’t let people take advantage of you.” She is also exploring opportunities in acting.


In an interview with, she spoke of her experience as a bottle server in the VIP section. “I can’t stand when people are rude. Luckily for me I haven’t dealt with a large amount of mean customers…the best way to deal with them is to be overly nice.” As for working late at night, she said, “I’ve become a vampire…instead of sleeping during the night like a normal person. I sleep during the day…I would always forget that calling someone at 5AM isn’t a very convenient hour.”


As far as working in the nightlife industry, Melissa Ceja said, “You get to be a part of the big party! I love everything about working in the nightlife, the adorable tiny uniform, the fancy bottles, the big DJ’s, the crazy confetti.”


As for people’s perceptions about bottle girls, she said, “People can think whatever they want, their opinion has no influence on my life.” She stays professional while working and doesn't drink on the job. She can also be a big homebody if she needs to slow down.


As for her job as an MMA ring girl, she said, “I’ve always admired my old brother…so growing up he used to watch WWF, then from there he started watching UFC and of course I would force myself to watch it to, too…eventually I grew to like it.” She doesn’t play any sports “unless you consider booty shaking and shimmying a sport,” but she enjoys watching football and baseball.


As for men, she is attracted to ambitious men. “There’s nothing more attractive than a man who has goals. I’m a goal-oriented person.” She’s not that much into romance, though. “You won’t ever find me getting too sappy when it comes to dating,” ( She added, “I honestly don’t really like dating, but I guess if I were to go on a date the only thing that I would hope that it would consist of is delicious food.” Melissa Ceja is currently single.

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