Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias is Brooklyn born-and-bred. She has Puerto Rican, Italian and Filipino ancestry. She is one of eight children, the second oldest child and is using her experience to "inspire them, and to show them that whatever they want, they can get."

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Melanie Iglesias didn't attend college, but ultimately plans to earn a degree. As she told, "I was going to study music. You have to do this industry whole-heartedly, you can't do it half-assed. Education is very important to me, more than being just a pretty face.looks fade, but dumb is forever."

In high school, Melanie said, "I hung out with all the music geeks. I was putting together all the shows, as the captain of the dance team.anything with music. I didn't have much of a social life in high school and I wasn't really voted any superlative categories" (

Melanie Iglesias has graced the cover of Maxim and was their 2010 Hometown Hotties champion, as well as part of their Maxim Hot 100 of 2011 list. In winning the Hometown Hotties, she beat out over 7,000 other girls. Melanie was inspired to get involved with Maxim after following girls on Twitter who were already registered.

Melanie Iglesias gained more attention with her YouTube channel that has over 7 million views. Melanie's Flip Books (where she dances and changes in and out of skimpy clothing) made their way on Twitter's Worldwide Trending Topics. Esquire also named her one of five "Women You Will Be Familiar With in 2012." reported that until recently she was a waitress in a pizzeria.

Melanie dated Vinny Guadagnino from MTV's "Jersey Shore," but they broke up.

Melanie Iglesias would like to pursue her acting dream and is up for roles in film, commercials and more. She is also part of MTV 2's show "Guy Code," where Melanie shares her knowledge about men and dating.

Melanie Iglesias said the worst grooming mistake a guy can make is "getting rid of all their body hair. I think that most girls do like and find it sexy, but when it grows back, it's kind of itchy if you're going to cuddle with them." also asked which she found sexier, a macho or beta guy and Melanie Iglesias said, "I would like a combo of both. I definitely want someone who takes charge, but I don't want someone who I'm never going to see cry." Her biggest turn-on is a guy "who is confident and who knows what he's talking about, who is intelligent and who is eager to be the best person he can be. Someone who recognizes that he has potential and wants to go and do something for himself and make something of his life." Melanie Iglesias' biggest turn-off is "laziness." Her final piece of advice for guy is "just make me laugh" (

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