Melanie Clarke

Melanie Clarke is an Australian model. She is known for her work in men's magazines such as ZOO Weekly and Maxim UK, as well as being a former Playboy Bunny.

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Born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Melanie Clarke has never been a fan of the mundane or routine. Even as a child, while she was good at getting all of her school work done, she tended to focus her attention on activities such as drawing and designing. The fact that she did so well in school (graduating high school before turning 17) and still found time for her passions lead her to secure an administrative job with ease her first summer out of school. Of course, when it comes to people with such ambition who are also as beautiful as she is, simply being secure is never enough.

Looking for a little more spice in her life, Melanie began doing promotional modeling in 2008. Within six months of doing so, she enjoyed herself so much that she decided she wanted to make a career out of it. By 2009, she was not only approached by the popular Gold Coast lifestyle brand UNIT Riders and asked to be featured as one of their "UNIT babies," but was also named one of ZOO Weekly’s Top 10 Real Girls Finalist in 2010. Such recognition will get a girl noticed real quick, and soon enough she was hand-picked by Hugh Hefner himself to work at Playboy Club Macau in China, making her an official Playboy Bunny for six months.

Since then, Melanie has continued to be featured in ZOO Weekly over nine times, as well as shoots for brands such as Maxim UK and RALPH Magazine. Of course, promotional modeling is where she got her start, so she continues to do so for everything from Fuchs Lubricants, Jim Beam Party Crew, and Pepsi Next. She has also done numerous events such as the Australian Drift Championships, Top Gear Festival, UFC, and the Australian Open.

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