Megan Daniels

Megan Daniels is a Model and DJ born in England but living in San Diego California.

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The tattooed blond and busty bombshell has appeared in numerous magazines and websites including Heavy, American Curves, Tattoo, Muscle Mag and Maxim's Best of the Web. She's also appeared in ads alongside Snoop Dogg (now of Snoop Lion fame) called "Blast" for the malt liquor brand Colt 45.

Daniels got her start in modeling at 19 by accident while doing make-up on set, Daniels does all of her own hair and make-up on shoots but says she welcomes the break if they are provided. A crewmember approached her and told her that she should consider modeling herself. From that day she's had success modeling for tattoo and alt clothing. (

Says she's inked on her arm (a sleeve that has been the focus of many of her shoots), wrists (her first tattoos), fingers, back, calves, foot, behind both ears and hips.

In 2011 she was named COED Magazine's Miss COED of April and in 2010 she won the San Manuel SportsWatch calendar girl search for 2010. (

"I have had a lot of success in the modeling industry and had many amazing experiences and opportunities in that field," she told Ryze Up Magazine. "I have always enjoyed it. I have accomplished and done so much, been on lots of magazine covers, done ad campaigns with celebrities, worked with numerous clothing companies. Always an adventure."

These days Daniels says she is semi-retired from modeling- she will make appearances for the right price however- and that her primary focus is being a DJ.

"I wanted to branch out and do something different," she told Ryze Up, "I have always had an interest in music and DJ's, so I decided to pick up DJing as a hobby. It then bloomed into a career thanks to lots of hard work, and the help of a few people." (

Currently, Daniels is the House DJ at Avec Nightclub in Huntington Beach, California. Her style is mostly House with a mix of Top 40 mash-ups but she will throw in other genres like Drum-and-Bass and Drubstep if the party warrants it.

"Since I was a kid. It was just one of those things. It just captivated me, "she said, "I play a mixture of everything because as a DJ you have to be a chameleon and play whatever the crowd wants to hear." (

Daniels credit's Cypress Hill among others with helping her get her start as a DJ.

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