Mayra Veronica

Born in Havana, Cuba, Mayra Veronica Aruca Rodriguez aka Mayra Veronica is a model and singer.

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She was influenced by her father, a singer for the rock group Los Dada. She used to follow him to rehearsals and shows. But Mayra defected with her mother to the United States in order to get away from the government of Fidel Castro. They grew up poor in Miami. Mayra took ballet but when she hit puberty her body became too voluptuous for a tutu and she stopped.

Mayra Veronica entered a local beauty pageant and became Ms. Miami and later landed an agent. She worked for Miami Hoy and interviewed celebrities. Meanwhile, she traveled to New York and took acting lessons at the Lee Strasberg Institute.

Mayra made her on-screen debut on The Suitor. She also appeared in commercials for Nike, LOreal and Coca Cola. She landed a gig as a co-host for a show on Univision called Don Francisco presenta.

She was subsequently contacted by FHM and appeared in the magazine, as well as features in Maxim, Edge, GQ and over 100 other covers. Due to her popularity among military personnel, she became a spokeswoman for the USO and did a USO tour in which she was described as a modern day Betty Grable. She eventually became one of the most-searched names on the Internet. reports that a Saudi prince was so enamored of her beauty that he bought her a house. Mayra gave it to her mom and never pursued the relationship with the prince.

In July 2009, she rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange for the Fourth of July week.

Throughout, Mayra Veronica met music producers and worked on her debut album. The first single Vengo Con To made the top 40 on Billboard and she landed a deal with Universal Motown.

Mayra Veronica also landed a part in the indie movie Tumbe.

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