Marie Claude

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, but known more often as Marie Claude, is a Canadian glamour and cosplay model. Her measurements are 38GG-25-37.

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Marie Claude said as a teen she was a nerd, “studying all the time, doing homework on lunch time, preferred to go to the library than attending a gym class. I had huge glasses and long, natural brown hair,” ( She added, “People made fun of me when I was younger because I was only interested in school books and had ‘nerdy’ hobbies…all this was a bad thing 15 years ago but now everybody claims to be a nerd or a geek. I just want to be myself.”


Before making the dive into cosplay and modeling, Marie Claude worked as a costumer and fashion designer. Her first modeling gig was for the 2008 calendar Dream Team. Her modeling career flourished, and she posed for Elle Canada, FHM Philippines, People and American Curves, among others.


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Marie Claude said, “I was already making clothes, costumes and prom dresses for a living when I started as a model. Being a model allowed me to create costumes for me, which I had never done before. And being a comic book fan made me want to sew costumes from characters I liked for my photo-shoots.” She added, “I love creating stories and bringing to 3D what is otherwise flat on paper. It’s always challenging!”


Her cosplay outfit in 2009 of the Mortal Kombat character Frost supposedly inspired the looks of the female characters in the 2011 version of Mortal Kombat.


Marie Claude said, “My schedule keeps me from enjoying as many Anime or Manga as I’d like to!” She is also trying to learn Japanese. “I’d like to listen to an Anime and understand it without having to watch the English subtitles.”


She designs and hand-makes her costume from scratch. She said her obsession is “perfection. I know it’s not achievable bit if you aim for low, you can’t hit high,” (


As far as attending conventions, she said, “I’ve been really lucky so far because I don’t have any nightmare story to tell! People are always nice and enthusiastic, sometimes nervous, but always respectful.” She added, “The weirdest compliment I ever got is: ‘You have the most beautiful…teeth I’ve ever seen.’”


Marie Claude currently resides in Canada.

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