Lindsey Pelas

Lindsey Pelas is a model and Playboy Cybergirl for the Month of May 2014. She's also in the running for Playboy's Cybergirl of the Year 2015. As her profile states, in high school she was a go-getter, an honors student, class treasurer and voted Most Ambitious by her peers. 

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Lindsey Pelas measures 32DDD-23-31, and she's all natural. She said, "I definitely get complimented on my boobs the most. I'm very petite, so it's really noticeable that I have super large breasts. People constantly assume they're fake and I love surprising them!" She got involved with after she attended a casting call in Dallas. "I took a short road trip from Louisiana and gave it my best shot."


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Lindsey Pelas earned a bachelor's degree in history from Louisiana State.


As for what unique characteristics she has, Lindsey Pelas told, "I am smart, quirky, athletic and fun. As far as looks are concerned, my natural breasts are pretty unique. They are 32DDDs, so they’re pretty special. I also think I bring a certain southern Louisiana charm...because there’s nothing like a Southern girl!" She feels sexiest "in a more natural state. I usually sleep topless while wearing some sexy panties. Waking up with no makeup and no shirt is when I always feel the sexiest!"


Guys, take note. She said, "I love a man with confidence and drive! If he can inspire me in any way, I’m usually intrigued. Oh, and if he’s well groomed, in a suit every now and then, I think that’s pretty hot." 


She said what people would be surprised about her is that "I’m actually very smart. I’ve got a quick wit that people are surprised by. My fans would also be surprised to know I’m very down to earth. I’m not materialistic; I drive a Jeep with a zombie sticker on the back. I have more tennis shoes than stilettos. That is just my style."


Lindsey Pelas thinks all men should know that "it’s important to be supportive of their significant others’ ambition. It is so sexy to see a man who empowers, supports and encourages a woman to do her best and be herself! In the South especially, men often have traditional expectations of what a woman’s role in life should be. If she wants to be an astronaut, superstar, doctor or whatever, be her biggest fan. All men should also be aware that sending pictures of their junk is not very romantic. Save the naked pictures for when you’ve been dating a while!"


After Lindsey Pelas graduated from LSU, she taught aerial yoga and bartended. We think her bartending days are going to be long behind her. She is currently single and resides in Los Angeles, California.

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