Leticia Cline

Leticia Ann Bjork Cline is an American model probably best known for her work as a former interviewer for TNA Wrestling. She has also appeared in Maxim magazine as one of its 2007 Hometown Hotties finalists, Playboy, as well as the reality show “Beauty and the Geek.”

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Leticia Cline wrote on Twitter that she is “50% Irish and 50% Cherokee, but 100% Kentuckian.” She reportedly had a difficult relationship with her parents, who she later said were racist (askmen.com).


Leticia began modeling when she was 14 and appeared in a variety of magazines and spent a year overseas in Japan. After returning to the United States, she attended the University of Kentucky and graduated in 2000 with degrees in psychology and finance. She later became a certified public accountant. She took the last name Cline after she was married. She thinks that personality counts for 80% in relationships.


When her marriage ended, she took to modeling again, using MySpace to promote herself. She landed print modeling jobs and some hosting experience on the AMA circuit (askmen.com).


In 2006, she was hired as an interviewer for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.


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In 2008, she appeared on the reality show “Beauty and the Geek.” She and her partner were eliminated in the series finale, ending up in third place. She said, “I’m not really a beauty, and I’m not really geek. I’m right in the middle.” In that same year, she appeared on the Howard Stern reality show “Bowling Beauties”, but lost in the third episode.


Leticia Cline said, “I want to be thought of as someone who can improve the world. I’ve worked hard to prove I’m more than a body and face. I use it to get noticed, but after that I put the attention to good use.” She added, “When you’re topless in print and web it’s hard for people to take you seriously about science, politics, religion and history…all things that I’m interested in. I want to be seen as intellectually sexy as well.”


Regarding sex, Leticia Cline said, “I’m a very sexual person and I would like to think I’m good at what I love…I’m also a greedy lover, I want to be the guy’s first for everything. I want all of his best sexual memories to be with me, so I don’t like thinking of my partner doing what I’m doing with anyone else before me. This gets harder as you get older, both people are pretty experienced, so you have to be creative. I’m very innovative.” She added, “I like dirty talk, a whole lot of touching…I have one spot on my body…but I will never admit where it is…finding it is the best part, and believe me it’s the discovery, gentlemen.”


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