Lauren Vickers

Lauren Vickers is an Aussie model who now calls Miami Beach, Florida home. Aside from looking spectacular, she can speak Italian, English and French, and maybe that’s one of the reasons she was named the 2010 Playmate of the Year for Playboy Italia, as well as Playmate of the Month in January 2012 for Playboy Espana.

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When she was a girl, Lauren Vickers wanted to be a vet, but discovered that she was allergic to cats, and thus, one dream died. It did, however, lead her to her second dream, which was to model. She was given the opportunity when she was 11.


As she describes it, "I started in Fashion, Editorial and Runway when I was very young (only 11!), and as I matured, I branched out into different styles of modeling including Commercial, Beauty, Glamour, Calendars, Lingerie and Swimwear. My wealth of experience, contacts and passion for my job have given me a wonderful career so far, that continues to get better each day. I also do TV presenting, video clips, commercials and some small acting roles."


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What Lauren Vickers loves about modeling is "that I get to constantly transform into new characters everyday. One day you can be an editorial geisha and the next day you can be an oiled up sex kitten – it’s so amazing to work with people who can take your ideas to another level, I’ll have some incredible work to look back on one day." She added, "Spokesmodeling has been an important point in my career too. I love to represent and embody the brands I am passionate about."


Lauren Vickers became a "Grid Girl" during college. "When I was at university, I already had a modeling background and I was working a few jobs, like students do, to try to get some extra money on the side." She found, though, that modeling during school was hard because "you have classes every day. You need to go to castings all the time and I just didn’t have the time." Seems like she did just fine balancing her work and studies.


To make it in modeling, she said, "You need to learn to build a thick skin for yourself and to take every critique as an opportunity to better yourself. A good work ethic and a level head also goes a long way for your reputation which can win you jobs against other models who are just as beautiful."


Lauren Vickers is unfortunately off the market, as she's married to MotoGP rider Randy de Puniet. They reside in Miami Beach, Florida, but she travels often for her profession.

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