Laura Shields

Laura Shields is a former English model and actress. She is most famous for representing the UK in the Miss International beauty pageant in 2004, as well as being a former case model for the popular game show "Deal or No Deal."

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Laura Shields has a lot going for her. Not only is she a successful former model and actress, but she is also a genius in her own right, belonging to the high-IQ society Mensa. So how does one become so talented, smart, and successful? For starters, Laura spent her childhood reading as much as she could while traveling to five of the seven continents before she was even a teenager. Of course, natural beauty goes a long way, as well, and lead to her being spotted by a a modeling agency while out shopping when she was just 14. This lead to being signed by Elite Model Management the following year.


Around the same time her modeling career began to get off the ground, Laura was asked by her school teachers to take supervised tests for Mensa after receiving all A grades on her GCSE exams (the equivalent of the SATs here in the U.S.). She wound up having an IQ in the top one percent of the population, leading her to eventually earn her masters degree in Chemical Engineering down the road. However, before that, she was also approached by the Miss England organization, who asked her to compete as Miss UK International in the Miss International beauty pageant in 2004. She wound up finishing in the top ten.


All of her accomplishments at such an early age wound up presenting Laura with many opportunities once she moved to Los Angeles. Shewent on to become a case model on the popular game show "Deal or No Deal" from 2005 to 2007 while also appearing in films such as "Spread," "The Missing Link," and "Fate." Even though she quit modeling to focus on her masters and joining American Mensa, she's never ceased being an all-around impressive human being.

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