Laura Dore

Born in Austin, Texas, model Laura Dore is a mix of Brazilian, African American, Italian, Polish, French and Puerto Rican ancestry.

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Laura said of her ethnicity, "I would say it has made me stand out because I'm slightly odd looking.I think people are intrigued when they can't immediately pinpoint your ethnicity" (

Laura grew up as a shy girl in the suburbs. Even though she was a tomboy, she used to do up the hair of her toy dolls. As she grew older, she played violin in the school orchestra and swam on the swim team.

By the time Laura was 18, she grew into her body and worked out to keep in shape. It soon became a way of life. She considered entering fitness competitions, but her curves didn't fit the ideal.



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In 2006, Laura Dore entered a casting call for Show Magazine, where she earned a 12-page spread. Since then, she's had layouts in XXL Magazine, FHM, Lowrider Girl, the Ultimate Fight Night Calendar, and the Karl Kani International Ad Champagne with Three 6 Mafia, among other projects.

Laure Dore has also been featured in music videos, but her true passion is within the realms of fetish, burlesque and pinup. Her first latex feature appeared in the fetish magazine Marquis. She has an alter ego of "Sweetie Cyanide" to express the darker side of herself.

Laura Dore's measurements are 34-23-39, which means her waist circumference is less than 60% of her hips. "Many icons like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Sophia Loren noted for their hourglass figures had a waist-hip ratio around 70%" ( Laura has worn corsets and has been able to lace her waist to 19 inches.

When asked how she feels when modeling, Laura Dore said, "When I first started modeling, [the camera] made me feel very vulnerable. But as I began to mature as a model, I realized that it could be very empowering to completely give yourself to the camera" (

Laura Dore thinks her best physical feature is her hands. "I have Jack the Pumpkin King fingers." Though men think her best feature, according to her, is "my bum or my eyes." Laura has a tattoo of a koi on her left foot that symbolizes aspiration and advancement.

Laura wishes that men would cook more, and she thinks Johnny Depp is the sexiest man ever. "He's a beautiful oddball."

Laura Dore admits, if a man is deserving, she will wear latex or vintage lingerie. Things a man should do to turn her on: listen, and see more horror movies than she has. (


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