Kylie Bisutti

Kylie Bisutti is an American model who won the 2009 “Victoria’s Secret Model Search” competition. She is currently selling her book “I’m No Angel,” in which she describes her journey from “supermodel to role model, in which she walked away from the runway and has dedicated her life to preaching a message of modesty and inner beauty.”

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Kylie Bisutti described herself on Twitter as “A servant of Christ, by His grace. A blessed wife to my soulmate Mikey! A step mommy to little Noah. A part of an amazing family! I strive to bring Him glory!” Her birth name is Kylie Ann Ludlow.


Kylie Bisutti gave up modeling because of her Christian beliefs. Per her interview with The Daily Beast, Kylie said Victoria’s Secret executives asked her to downplay her marriage and act flirtatious. She said, “As I continued modeling lingerie, my convictions grew about wanting to honor my husband and our marriage and not having other men see me in lingerie, and also my desire to be a better role model for girls everywhere.”


She came to the realization that wearing lingerie for the masses was disrespectful to her husband. Victoria’s Secret replied that Kylie was never an “Angel” and that she was “never offered any subsequent modeling contracts or opportunities…despite her multiple appeals for further work.”


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Her book “I’m No Angel” also describes her “personal struggles with inadequacy, low self-esteem, and her near-constant quest for approval in a world where you can never be thin enough, pretty enough or sexy enough.” “I went through some pretty unhealthy things to get thin, to book jobs.” Kylie Bisutti added, “It definitely felt like I was being made to sell sex. I just really started to feel exploited and sexualized” and that posing half-naked made her feel “like a piece of meat.”


Kylie grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to New York when she was 15 to model. With a diet of just watermelon, pineapple and water, she slimmed down to 108 pounds. Kylie came to prominence in 2009 when she was one of 10,000 to come to open auditions for the Victoria’s Secret contest and sent to “Angel Boot Campy.” She won the contest and walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She also ranked #85 on the Maxim Hot 100 List in 2010. Her measurements are 34-24-34.


Kylie Bisutti likes to dance like a crazy person when she’s alone. She also enjoys scuba diving. Her husband is the pastor of her local church. She now works as a church volunteer and is working on a modest Christian fashion line.


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Kylie Bisutti lives in Big Fork, Montana.

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