Krysta Rodriguez

Krysta Rodriguez is an American actress and singer. She is best know for her role as Ana Vargas on the NBC series, "Smash," and has starred in numerous Broadway musicals, including Good Vibrations, A Chorus Line, and The Addams Family

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  • D.O.B. July 23, 1984
  • Age34
  • Hometown Orange County, California
  • NationalityUSA
  • Current Town New York City, New York
  • Height5' 4"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorBlue
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress, singer
  • Facebook Facebook Page
  • Marital Status In a relationship with Noah Weisberg


Krysta Anne Rodriguez was born and raised in Orange County, California. She was always interested in dancing, and after being a cheerleader in middle school, she decided to begin taking professional dance lessons at age 13. After taking a trip to New York to see a number of Broadway shows, Krysta realized that in order to be a star on Broadway, she would not only need to be able to dance, but sing and act as well. When she returned home, she set her sights on her new goals, enrolling in both singing and acting lessons along with continuing dancing.


Through her hard work and perseverance, Krysta was cast as a member of "Colby's Playhouse," a Christian television series, from 1995 to 2000. From there, she attended Orange County High School of the Arts, performing in plays such as Gidget: The Musical, which was co-written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. But, of course, Krysta had her sights n bigger things, and soon enough, she would make her move to Broadway, first starring in the musical, Good Vibrations, in 2005 and working her way toward becoming the first Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family musical, as well as starring in the lead role in First Date the Musical in 2013.


Of course, a successful actress wouldn't be successful without branching out, so along the way, Krysta would also take on television acting roles, too. She was first cast as the character of Jordan Steele in a 2008 episode of "Gossip Girl" before starring in her first film, "The Virginity Hit," in 2010. By 2013, she joined the cast of the NBC series, "Smash," for its second and final season. The next year, she was cast as a major role on CBS' "How I Met Your Dad," but eventually wound up exiting the pilot instead, presumably to focus on other projects.

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