Kimiko Zakreski

Kimiko Zakreski is a Canadian snowboarder who competed in the alpine disciplines, Parallel GS and Parallel Slalom. She has competed in Snowboard World Cups and the 2010 Winter Olympics. She is currently a realtor at Keller Williams Realty South. She is not active on social media.

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Her nickname is Kimi. Kimiko Zakreski learned how to snowboard when she was 12 at Canada Olympic Park. “I absolutely fell in love with the sport and decided I wanted to start racing. I probably wasn’t until I went to junior world and competed for team Canada when I decided that I really wanted to take this to the next level and try and do it full time.”


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Kimiko Zakreski snowboarded competitively for 13 years, through the Junior National Team to Development Team to World Cup and the 2010 Winter Olympics. (To make the Olympics, you have to be ranked in the top 4 women in Canada.)


Kimiko Zakreski has appeared on a pair of MTV Canada shows, including “Summer Sessions” and “Over the Bolts." She said the X-factor in winning is “definitely your mental state and ability to stay focused.” And the way to overcome a mental block is “training, training, training.”


Kimiko Zakreski studied Natural Sciences at the University of Calgary and is now a licensed realtor in Calgary. She got licensed in 2007. Per LinkedIn, “having been a homeowner at an early age, Kimiko knows the challenges that surround buying or selling a home.”


Her sports idols include Wayne Gretzky and Elizabeth Manley, among others.


A bit of trviva: her favorite spot to ride is Lake Louise, Alberta; her favorite place to go is home; her favorite food is sushi; and her hobbies include road biking, yoga, golf and wakeboarding. Kimiko Zakreski resides in Calgary, Canada.

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