Kimberley Garner

Kimberley Garner is a British reality show personality and swimwear designer probably best known for her appearance on the show “Made in Chelsea.”

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After she left school, Kimberley Garner became a property developer. In 2012, she rose to prominence on the show “Made in Chelsea.”


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She left the show, however. “I didn’t want to do it anymore – it was a great experience but I’d had enough…I’m interested in staying in television, perhaps doing some acting as well as working in fashion and modeling.” She said in a 2013 interview where she admitted that “Made in Chelsea” was fake. “A little constructed for the cameras.”


In 2013, Kimberley Garner launched her own swimwear collection, which she described as “a British take on the Brazilian.”


She told Esquire in 2014, a man could definitely approach her in a bar or coffee shop. “I love the idea of meeting a guy out and about – I think it’s cool when a man shows courage.” She added, “I think the man should chase the girl. Not too much, but he should message or call first. And I love texts – being asked how I am in the middle of the day.”


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The one thing Kimberley Garner doesn’t like in her men is someone vain. “I can get ready and be out of the house in 10 minutes, so I want a guy who does the same.” She added, “It’s important how a man treats his parents. Family is so important to me that I want someone who has the same thing going on.”


Kimberley Garner is currently single and resides in London, England.

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