Kiersey Clemons

Kiersey Clemons is an actress and singer probably best known for her role on the Amazon series “Transparent.” She most recently landed a role on Season 2 of “Extant” as a lifelike robot who’s morally ambiguous. 

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Born in Pensacola, Florida, Clemons and her family settled in Redondo Beach, California when she was 12 years old. Throughout her childhood, Kiersey took vocal lessons, modeled, participated in local theater, and put on shows for her family and friends.


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Early in her career Kiersey was on the Disney Channel as Kira Starr on "Austin & Ally," and in Disney's original movie, "Cloud 9." Later, Kiersey collaborated with Pharrell Williams on multiple tracks, and her vocals can be heard in a variety of projects, including DOPE and "Transparent."


As for the glamour of being a young, working actress, she said, “It’s a lot of hard work and really long days. From the outside it looks like all fun and games. I think a lot of kids I’ve met in L.A. trying to act want to escape working long days and think acting is all photoshoots and red carpets.”


As for any weird fan interactions Kiersey Clemons said, “I think the most bizarre thing that ever happened to me was...this guy who was following me on Twitter, and I ran into him at a film premiere. I guess he thought we hit it off, so he started sending flowers to my manager’s office.”


As for what's next in her career, she said, "I really want to do Broadway, really bad. I was in New York filming for four months, and I met with some people. I saw a lot of shows, and my friend was doing Cinderella, and she gave me the inside scoop. It gives me a reason to be in New York."


Kiersey Clemons stays motivated in an ultra-competitive business by concentrating on the people she's worked with. "A lot have given me great feedback and that’s motivated me to keep going because when I start comparing myself to other people who’ve started acting before I have—I started acting when I was 18—and I would see girls who’ve been acting since they were five, and that can be pretty intimidating. So I just have to stay out of my own head and remind myself that I’m great, too."


Kiersey Clemons is currently single and resides in Los Angeles.

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