Katrina Law

Katrina Law is an American actress and former beauty queen contestant probably best known for her roles on “Spartacus” and “The Rookie.”

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Katrina Law grew up in rural Southern New Jersey and was active as a child in a variety of activities from dance and gym classes to karate, soccer and voice coaching. When she graduated high school, she had been active on the Varsity Track Team, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Cheerleading and the Varsity Weightlifting Team, as well as a member of The National Honors Society.


Katrina Law won the title of Miss New Jersey Teen USA. She later attended the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey where she studied Marine biology. But after getting a role in The Chorus Line for Summer Stock Theatre, she went back to school and switched her major to Theatre Arts.


Katrina said on Twitter, “Loves long walks on short beaches. Enjoys bingo the second Tuesday of each week. Leading the revolt against meat pies.”


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She is a mix of German, Italian and Taiwanese ancestry.


Katrina Law represented New Jersey in the Miss Teen USA Pageant. She told Maxim of her photo-shoot there, “I don’t usually think of myself as the ‘sexy girl,’ so there was a lot of laughing going on.” As to her nudity on Spartacus, she said, “It does make me a bit self-conscious, because you’re putting yourself out there. But my full frontal? I gotta tell you I feel like a badass for doing it…I’m proud of my body.”


Her other credits include “3 Minutes,” “Choker,” “Legend of the Seeker” and the web series “The Resistance,” among other projects.


Katrina Law is also the leader singer and bass player in the band “Soundboard Fiction.” She said, “We kind of switched over to being a recording studio band. We used to play gigs…but this is a creative way for us to all just get together, play music and sing and not have to worry about the stress. It’s as pure creative outlet.”


Aside from singing and acting, she like to surf, snowboard and mountain climb. She also makes tiny clay animal figurines and has an obsession with iPhone gaming.


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Katrina said the fastest way to get her ‘in the mood’ is to give her a massage.


Katrina Law is married to actor Keith Andreen. She lives in Los Angeles.

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