Kandyse McClure

Kandyse McClure (born Candice McClure) is a South African-Canadian actress probably best known for her role on the reboot of “Battlestar Galactica.” She is currently starring in the Netflix original series “Hemlock Grove.”

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Kandyse McClure was born in South Africa, but her mother left due to apartheid. “Everything about apartheid South Africa was designed to remind you where you fell in the hierarchy or what place you were meant to occupy.”


Kandyse’s mother went to the United States first, came back, and then went to Vancouver. “I stayed with my grandparents and when I was eleven she sent for me…it was difficult being by myself so much, in a new place and at an awkward age, you know, twelve, thirteen….”


She described herself then as “the chubby, nerdy kid with bad hair and I had zits.”


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Kandyse McClure got into acting by accident. “I just came out of high school and I wasn’t really doing anything…and an acquaintance of my mother was putting…on a play and needed someone who could do the accent. I auditioned, he took a chance on me.”


She’d never even acted in high school. “I was in the chem lab, I was a physics geek.”


Kandyse McClure made her first TV appearance on “In a Class of His Own.” Other roles soon followed, including “Artic Air,” “Persons Unknown” and “Children of the Corn,” among other projects.


Kandyse said she changed the spelling of her name as a “kind of joke,” and went back and forth, finally keeping the new spelling to avoid any confusion.


As to her sci-fi credentials, she said, “I love a nerd! A nerd is my favorite thing. My fiancé is a nerd – we’re nerds together.” She added, “As a young woman of color…in sci-fi, anything is possible.” Her time on “Battlestar,” she said, “Was like college for me. I was with these veteran actors that I got to watch every day and learn from.”


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Regarding “Hemlock,” Kandyse McClure said, “the odd thing is that I don’t watch a lot of horror.” But action scenes are great. “It can be cathartic. When you’re having a bad day, you channel it into kicking the sh-t out of somebody.”


Her charity work includes helping with CARE Canada, which addresses poverty in the world’s developing regions.


Kandyse McClure resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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