Julia Lescova

Julia Lescova is a Latvian model who now calls Los Angeles home. She is probably best known for being the 2011 face of Guess, replacing Kate Upton. She even won the “Best Model in the World” award in Turkey. 

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As for being part of Guess, Julia Lescova said, “Being the face of a campaign makes you proud – and it makes people notice you more, certainly.” She would love to land in the pages of Sports Illustrated or Victoria’s Secret.


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Julia Lescova was born in a small town in Latvia and is of ethnic Russian descent. As a girl, she studied music and dance. She studied ballroom dancing for many years before taking up modeling. She told Esquire that she was from a “tiny, tiny, tiny town outside of Riga, in Latvia. My father was gone. My mother was amazing. My brother made the house only more crowded. It was hard – very hard – but eventually I had to see the world.” She said in a separate interview, “To this day, I don’t understand how my father could have abandoned us. How can any man abandon his wife and kids leaving them to starve and just disappear?” She added, “I had a challenging upbringing and it wasn’t easy to grow up with what I had and what I lacked…but it made me appreciate every single day and everything I have gained in life on my own.”


In school, Julia Lescova read a lot as she described herself as a loner. “I think I was the only student who read all of the required summer books.” She was spotted by Latvia’s premier modeling agency and after signing, Julia landed her first cover at the age of 16.


Julia Lescova spent time living in Paris, Milan, London, Hong Kong and Turkey, among other places, but “eventually L.A. just felt like home.” She said in a separate interview, “I settled in LA by accident. A week became two weeks, then a month. Then it became two months. Then I just thought it was a great place to live.”


At the time of her interview, she had just gotten out of a long relationship. “My life switched from doing everything as a couple to suddenly being single. It has its beauty, too.” As for guys, she looks for a good sense of humor and how he treats his mother. Julia Lescova also prefers more low-key movie dates and conversation-filled dinners than wining and dining.


Julia Lescova still lives in Los Angeles and as far as we know, she is still single. At least, unmarried.

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