Jessica Pare

Born on December 5, 1982 in Montreal, Jessica Pare is a Canadian actress probably best known for her role as Megan Draper on “Mad Men.” When she auditioned, she had no idea how big a role she would play: “When I got the part, I thought it was going to be maybe three, maybe five episodes.”

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  • D.O.B. December 5, 1982
  • Age36
  • NationalityCanada
  • Current Town Los Angeles, California
  • Height5' 9"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorGreen
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress
  • Facebook Facebook Page
  • Marital Status Divorced from Joe Smith


Jessica’s parents are both actors, and she used to watch her father rehearse and help him with his lines. She attended Villa Maria, a private Catholic girls’ school. After landing a small part in a made-for-TV movie, she dropped out of high school to pursue acting full time ( She moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and has lived there ever since. When she arrived she didn’t have a car; moreover, she didn’t know how to drive.


She has appeared in “Wicker Park,” “Stardom,” “Suck” and “Hot Tub Time Machine,” where she flashed her breasts. As for her rising fame from “Mad Men,” Jessica said, “It’s certainly shocking to see my picture everywhere, and I guess that it started to feel a little overwhelming. But I love this show and being a part of it.” Regarding her role in “Lost and Delirious,” Jessica Pare said, “Sex is a driving force that would be ridiculous to not talk about.”


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Jessica said on her Facebook, “I play ukulele (poorly) and am learning to play bass. I love bars, beaches, therapy, and my job.” As for creating a Facebook account, she added, “I think it’s really pretentious to create a fan page for myself, but I think it’s weirder that there are pages about me floating around that I have nothing to do with. So get ready to be bored by my super lame updates everybody!” Jessica also draws. “I draw, I scribble, I paint, I collage, I knit, I crochet.”


Jessica Pare speaks French and English and her measurements are 36D-25-36. She said her musical tastes are “partial to the pre-funk sixties, like Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Lou Reed.” She said of her career, “The goal is not to be famous, but it turns out that it really helps to get other work. The more that you’re known the more people are okay with hiring you, you know? So my ambition is to work and not so much to be, like, famous” (


Jessica Pare was married to writer/producer Joe Smith, but they subsequently divorced in 2010. Jessica Pare lives in Los Angeles, California.

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