Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes is an Australian-raised model, born in the beautifully secluded city of Perth, West Australia to her Portuguese father and Singaporean mother as the youngest of four children.

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She began modeling at the age of 13 in Midland, an Australian suburb just outside of Perth, at the Linda-Ann Model Academy shortly after attending a lady's etiquette school.

Her appearance on the Australian teen drama Bush Patrol was a catalyst for launching her modeling career, beginning with her victory in a modeling contest.

She has appeared in several heavily circulating magazines, including Vogue and Teen Vogue, along with Glamour, GQ and the Victoria' Secret catalogue. In addition, she has modeled for several clothing line ad campaigns, including the hip Urban Outfitters, DKNY Jeans and Levi's, among others.

Gomes made the move to New York City in 2007, where she currently still resides.

From 2008-11, Gomes made her way into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in the U.S., making a big name for herself as a human canvas covered in body paint by professional body paint artist, Joanna Gair.

In 2008, Gomes signed with Estee Lauder as a model for pop star-turned-reality hot, Diddy's fragrance, Unforgivable, as well as became the spokesperson for Emprani Cosmetics in 2011 with her own line of lip gloss, Gomes Pink.

In November 2011, Gomes made the cover of Maxim magazine, which brought her much attention from the American public eye.

Continually being the face of her roots, Gomes began shooting a Korean reality TV show, My Name is Jessica Gomes.

In 2012, she began work on a Yoga-based instructional video Body Art, along with appearing on Korea's own version of Dancing with the Stars.

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