Jessa Hinton

Jessa Hinton is a Playboy Playmate – Miss July 2011, host and designer. Her full name is Jessica Lynn Hinton and her measurements are 34-25-35 with a D cup.

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Per her website, Jessa Hinton was born in Southern California, the eldest of five kids. Growing up, she took part in gymnastics, dance and cheerleading, and was a tomboy, but discovered that drama was her favorite. She said, “I kind of raised myself and my siblings and everything I went through in life, I raised myself for.”


At the age of 14, while at a wedding, Jessa was discovered by a talent manager. Subsequently, she booked 3 national TV commercials. By the time she was 16, she had appeared on “Baywatch” and “7th Heaven.”


Jessa Hinton stopped acting for a bit in order to graduate from high school. At 18, she began doing runway shows and print campaigns while coaching competitive gymnastics. She was actually a gymnast herself for eight years and then snapped her ankle. “I was also too tall. There was no way that I could have really gone too far.”


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Since then, Jessa became the face of the Palms Hotel & Casino’s ad campaign and has appeared in billboards all over Las Vegas. She has also hosted for Victory Poker and done ads for Monster energy drink and Mixed Martial Arts. She said, “I am a jack-of-all-trades and an Energizer Bunny. I want to do it all.”


A bit of trivia: her favorite hottie is Mila Kunis; her favorite movie is “Gone in 60 Seconds;” her favorite beer is Corona with Lime.


Jessa Hinton said of being photographed nude, “It’s not – nobody hits on you. It’s not a kind of pervy atmosphere. Most of the time, they’re not even looking at your body parts. They’re dealing with lights.”


She said about Hugh Hefner, “He’s probably the only guy in the past, I don’t know, let’s say five years, that has actually pulled out a chair for me.”


Jessa Hinton said, “When I was in junior high that’s when I kind of started to know that I like men and women the same. I got teased and during freshman year of high school I didn’t fit in. I kind of liked girls more than I liked guys…but I’m always going to be bisexual.”


As far as monogamy, “If I’m with one person, I’m with one person. I don’t like to share. I don’t like to party. I’m not really into that crazy bring a girl home thing. It’s never been for me.”


Aside from modeling, she is interested in fashion and even had a bikini line with Affliction. “I’ve been designing since I was probably 11 years old.”


Jessa Hinton splits her time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


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