Jesikah Maximus

Jesikah Maximus, aka The Booty Model, was born on June 18, 1985 and raised in Orange County, California.

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She speaks fluent English and Spanish. The name "Maximus" supposedly is the Latin term for "greatest." Her website's marketing makes no bones that she can never be held libel for false advertising as she is the Gladiator of the modeling game.

Jesikah Maximus' measurements are 32-24-41. She has appeared in many publications including Show, King and Maxim (Spanish). Jesikah Maximus claims she does not have a boyfriend, but that may be more marketing. She is a D cup and per her stats on, she weighs 120 lbs. and is available for photo opportunities, but she doesn't do nudes.

Jesikah Maximus says, "If you know me, you love me! I am positive energy and someone who's easy going yet very intuned with reality. I love meeting new people! But at the same time, I love to earn their respect rather than charm their ego. I am a very hard worker, loyal, a lover not a fighter BUT watch out; the Chola Will Come Out!! Im young, beautiful, and talented and completely aware of all of this. I've let a lot in my past hold me down, but I've grown AND CONTINUE TO GROW."


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Her ambition is to be on billboards in either Time Square or Hollywood, and to land a role in a movie or sitcom.

Jesikah Maximus' favorite holiday is Mother's Day, as she is grateful to celebrate each year with her mother.

Jesikah has her own pay website where consumers can see more pictures of her large assets. Per her page on modelmayhem, she has appeared in the Quik & AMG Music Video "Can you work with that" from April 2007. Jesikah Maximus was named Top 10 Cutie of the Year 2009 on

A couple YouTube videos can be found of her in the shower posing seductively with a hip-hop soundtrack.

Jesikah Maximus can be reached via her website or care of Cummings Media, located at 5419 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027.

While Jesikah is on Twitter, she is not very active. She does likes to re-Tweet inspiration quotes such as "Love completely. Love unselfishly. Love unconditionally. Simply Love!" And maybe a little more selfish than she intends, but: "Getting that dirty look for parking in those section spots in btwn handicap spots from a elderly. Sry mam all the spots are taken."


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