Jennifer Nicole Lee

Born Jennifer Nicole Siciliano, Jennifer Nicole Lee is a fitness model and fitness consultant. She is probably best known for losing 70 pounds. Her trademark phrase is “Strong is the new skinny.” She described herself as a “dedicated wifey and mom, and love life, as it’s the greatest gift we have been given.” 

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But more than just the person, Jennifer Nicole Lee is a global brand that includes lifestyle, wellness, exercise, spa and websites. Her mission? “To increase the quality of your lifestyle.” She’s even been called the female Donald Trump with her ability to brand and promote.


Jennifer Nicole Lee was born in Rochester, New York and is of Italian ancestry. She later moved to Tennessee and eventually attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, earning a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Before she became a fitness model, she weighed almost 200 pounds after giving birth to her second child. She said she had no athletic background, but went on to lose 70 pounds and was then crowned “Miss Bikini America” in 1996.


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By 2012, Jennifer Nicole Lee had appeared on over 44 magazine covers. She’s also appeared on “Oprah” and a variety of other shows. That same year in 2012 she was named “America’s Sexiest Fitness Mom.” When she was 31, she was crowned the first ever Miss Muscle and Fitness.


She told that the biggest trait in determining someone’s attractiveness was self-confidence. “I really believe you have to have vitamin C, which is not orange juice or a vitamin; it’s actually vitamin “C” meaning Confidence.”


When asked whether men fear her strength or were attracted to it, she said, “Definitely the later. It’s actually refreshing to them…because I still look like a woman.” As for maintaining a positive outlook, she said, “You have to first decide to be happy in life, no matter what season, what chapter, what stage you are in…once you understand that life will always change…it’s just a mindset.”


As for guys who try to get their wives to work out, Jennifer Nicole Lee said, “You need to lead [by] example by saying, ‘I’m going to the gym, would you like to come with me? I’d love to workout. Let’s have a workout date.'” As for her slogans, she said she tries to create “hypnotic marketing phrases that you will always remember and never forget.”


She has two children, Jaden Lee and Dylan Lee. Jennifer Nicole Lee is married and resides in Miami Beach, Florida.

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