Jennifer Archuleta

Jennifer Archuleta (formerly Jennifer Walcott) is a former Playboy Playmate Miss August 2001. Per her Twitter, she now describes herself as “a mother and a wife and I enjoy doing charity work.” 

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Jennifer Archuleta is a mix of Irish, Polish and Italian ancestry, and she grew up in a family with four kids. Growing up, she wanted to become a veterinarian. She was also a ballet dancer, and from the age of three trained for ten years.


After Jennifer graduated from Lowellville High School, she moved at age 19 to Los Angeles (moving briefly to Chicago to help with her ailing grandmother) but then returned to pursue modeling. She worked two gigs to make ends meet while she was enrolled at Santa Monica College in business.


Jennifer Archuleta landed the gig at Playboy by accident. She went to a Playboy party as a make-up artist and was “discovered.” She subsequently landed the August 2001 Playmate gig.


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As to posing nude, she said, “I’ve always been very comfortable being naked…I once changed my clothes and walked around naked in front of house windows, the neighbor said I was ruining her marriage – her hubby wouldn’t stop watching me.”


Aside from modeling, Jennifer Archuleta has also appeared in music videos for Justin Timberlake and in the films “American Pie: Band Camp” and “The Pool Boys,” as well as TV shows, such as “Weakest Link,” “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” and many others.


Her measurements are 32C-24-32 and she has breast implants.


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Jennifer is married to NFL player Adam Archuleta. In Los Angeles, she is the co-owner of a hair salon and is also a poet, in which one of her poems won a statewide “Readers Digest” contest.


In an interview, she said her go-to drink was red wine; that men’s biggest misconception about models is that they are stupid and starve themselves.


The craziest place she ever had sex was under a vacant boat on the beach in St. Thomas. She added, “I still would like to have sex in an airplane. Not a private one…been there, done that, but a commercial airplane. They are so jam-packed.”


Some of her hobbies include charity work, and in 2004, going to the shooting range, working out and traveling.


Jennifer Archuleta lives in Los Angeles. 


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