Jenna Marbles

Jenna Mourey, best known to fans as Jenna Marbles, is an internet entertainer and personality. She has over eleven million subscribers to her YouTube page. It’s the 6th most subscribed channel on YouTube and the number one run by a woman. She tries to upload a new video every Wednesday or Thursday.

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The name “Marbles” comes from the name of one of her dogs.


Jenna Marbles wrote on Twitter, “I like to make videos on the internet machine.” She grew up in Rochester, New York and later moved to Boston to attend college. She earned her degree in Psychology from Suffolk University, and later a Masters in Sports Psychology from Boston University.


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As Jenna Marbles wrote, “Then I decided it was time to be a grown up and worked a bunch of random jobs for a while.” She made YouTube videos as a lark and found that people liked them, so she kept making them.


In 2010, she was living in a shared 3-bedroom apartment and her $800 rent was scavenged from bartenting, blogging, go-go dancing and working at a tanning salon. She said, “My life was a hot, hot, hot mess" (


One of her videos “How To Trick People Into Think You’re Good Looking” has been viewed over 50 million times. Jenna Marbles said in it, “There is no cure for ugly, but you can make yourself into a human optical illusion.”


Apparently, Jenna Marbles has more Facebook fans than Jennifer Lawrence and more Instagram friends than Oprah ( She said of her popularity, “My perspective is to think, ‘I just have a lot of Internet friends.’” She added, “Sometimes I like to think it would be nice if you just had a character and your personal life was your personal life. My life is definitely out there, you know?”


Jenna Marbles now lives in a rented $1.1 million Santa Monica town house, and her mother opens her fan mail. She hasn’t released figures, but Jenna Marbles probably makes at least six figures from advertising. “I make more money than I need, ever.”


Some of her better quotes include: “Unless I just scored a touchdown for a flag football team, don’t spank my ass.” (re: sex), or: “If you’re a girl and you don't have any level of girl crushes on a girl, you’re just f*cking lying to yourself;" “In order to find out who you are, you will, at some point, have to feel really isolated, left out, different;” and “I will talk to anyone who comes up to me, and I am super nice. But as soon as your penis touches my butthole without me knowing, then I’m not happy.”

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