Jenna Berman

Jenna Berman is a model and actress from South Africa. She is most famous for posing for such publications as Esquire, as well as her role as Kelly in "Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn." 

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Jenna Berman is not unlike most other model/actress, in that she has been involved in both professions from an early age. However, along with both careers, she also has many more hidden talents that aren't necessarily associated with either.


Jenna grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, where her career began at age 10 after signing with a local child talent agency. The daughter of a clinical psychologist mother and doctor father, she couldn't have ventured further off the beaten path. She even admits that at the time, she was way out f her league, saying "I didn’t know anything about the industry, I just thought it was something any kid could do after school like dancing or singing lessons." Of course, she had also trained as a dancer since she was only a year old.


Sure enough, upon Jenna's first audition, she beat out 600 other children in order to land a role in a television commercial, which opened the door for many more in the years to come. While her family decided to move to Vancouver, Canada when she was 13, this didn't slow her down one bit. In fact, it wasn't long after that she was signed with NEXT Models Canada and spent the next several years as an international model, posing for the likes of Levi's, Swatch, and American Vintage, to name a few.


In 2009, as many models tend to do, Jenna decided to take up acting school as a way to broaden her horizons even more. Two years later, she landed the role of Kelly in "Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn," which is considered her breakout performance. Since then, she has continued to book small roles on TV series such as "Motive" and the comic book adaptation "iZombie." She was also eventually accepted into the prestigious Stella Adler Academy in New York, but deferred once her career as an actress began to take shape. 

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