Jayden Jaymes

Born Michele Lee Mayo, Jayden Jaymes is a porn actress. She is sometimes billed as Jayden James and Jayden. She has appeared in over 200 films since entering the biz in 2006. She was also featured in an episode of MTV’s “True Life.”

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Jayden Jaymes is a mix of Norwegian, Irish and English descent. Her measurements are 36E-26-36 and her breasts are enhanced. “My name is Jayden Jaymes…with a ‘y’. I get so irritated when people don’t spell it right!”


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Growing up, she said, “I’ve always been the attention whore! Everyone, from kindergarten up, will tell you that.” Before she got into porn at the age of 20, she was a licensed insurance salesperson. “I grew tired of sitting behind a desk for forty hours a week, so I gave it up.” She enrolled in college and worked as a dancer to pay the bills. That’s when she took the name Jayden Jaymes.


Jayden was intrigued by the women in porn: “I thought they looked glamourous and appeared to be in control and proud of their sex lives and I wanted to be one of those.” 


Jayden Jaymes added, “I thought, ‘I have sex with different people all the time…why not get paid for it? I’m going to do it anyway!" Her career, she said, is harder than it looks. “Yeah, it’s just sex, but people forget that we’re called performers for a reason…I work hard to look my best.”


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The pro to her career is women’s empowerment; the cons are “peoples’ perception of adult entertainers. I spend a lot of time defending myself.” As to her anal scenes, or general lack of them, she said, “I don’t have a very active personal sex life, so I’m not very comfortable with anal sex. That’s basically what it comes down to.”


She had a rumored relationship with UFC fight Chuck Liddell. As to dating, she said, “I don’t have casual hook-ups, and my dates are usually set up through friends. Obviously, it’s hard to date because I don’t want to date a fan. I can’t date someone who knows me as Jayden Jaymes, because that is just a small fraction of who I actually am…Jayden Jaymes does not exist outside of the porn world.” As to size, she said, “I need something to work with, but I’m definitely not a size queen.”


“I’ve got that spunk that you either love or you hate. Some people don’t get sarcasm.” Jayden Jaymes lives in Southern California.

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