Isla Fisher

Isla Lang Fisher is an actress probably best known for her role in “The Wedding Crashers.” She also has a starring role in Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” and will be in the new season of "Arrested Development."

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  • D.O.B. February 3, 1976
  • Age43
  • NationalityAustralia
  • Current Town Los Angeles
  • Height5' 3"
  • Hair Color Redhead
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress
  • Marital Status Married
  • Related Celebrities Sacha Baron Cohen


Though Isla Fisher was born in the Middle East, she is of Scottish heritage and her family later moved to Australia. Inspired by her novelist mother, she took an interest in acting. By the age of 9, she had appeared in Australia TV commercials.


Isla Fisher made a name for herself playing the role of Shannon on the Australian soap opera “Home and Away.” Her character was promiscuous and in 1998 FHM voted her No. 11 Sexiest Woman in the World. She said, “Some of the lines were so laughable, you’d really have to work harder than you ever will again to make them even seem realistic.”


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At 21, Isla Fisher studied mime and clowning at Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre.


She then moved to Britain to try her luck overseas. It was in Britain that she met Sacha Baron Cohen. When the couple moved to the United States, she landed roles in “The Wedding Crashers,” “The Lookout” and “Confessions Of A Shopaholic,” among other roles.


Aside from acting, Isla Fisher has written books. In 1996, she wrote two teenage romance novels, “Bewitched” and “Seduced by Fame.”


Before dating Ali G, she dated Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Darren Day. She said, “I’ve never had a good-looking boyfriend, well, in the stereotypical way. A lot of people find someone attractive that others don’t. Otherwise, all our men would be taken by Claudia Schiffer!”


She stays in shape by doing yoga, hiking and swimming. She said of yoga, “I love that feeling of being connected with my own body.”


Isla Fisher married director and actor Sacha Baron Cohen in 2010, for whom she converted to Judaism. “I would do anything…to be united in marriage with him…and religion comes second to love as far as we are concerned.” She said of Sacha, “He’s so tall he makes me look like a circus freak.”


About her life in Hollywood, Isla Fisher said, “This is such a far cry from my upbringing in Perth. I was short and redheaded with sticky-out ears, and my nickname was Slug Face. Having two brothers and two stepbrothers, I was a resolute tomboy. You’d only ever catch me in Doc Martens, black jeans and Led Zeppelin T-shirts.”


Isla Fisher lives in Los Angeles, and is known for being very private.


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