Heather Shanholtz

Heather Shanholtz is a Miami-based model who has been featured in Maxim, American Curves, and Muscle Mag, among other outlets. If that doesn't tickle your curiosity, maybe her stats will: 34DD-25-36. Her looks come from a beautiful blend of German, Irish and American Indian ancestry. And though she was born in Baltimore, Maryland, she calls sunny Florida home. 

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Though Heather Shanholtz has had other jobs than modeling - a chef, paralegal, office manager, the worst job she's ever had was as a telemarketer. 


As for her career, she said, "I’ll be modeling as long as the time allows but for the future I’d like to take all of my contacts and use them for my own swimsuit line or my own modeling and talent agency." And the best thing about modeling, she said, was that "It's like playing dress up, I love traveling and every job is different."


Aside from modeling, Heather is a gamer, into horror movies, and claims she's a big prankster. She wrote, "I've even gone as far as staging a car jacking!  LOL!!  My guy friends love me because I'm not your average girl. I'm a kick ass girl to hang out with and I am like hanging out with one of the boys. I'm not scared to get down and dirty and I give 110% on all of my shoots." She added that she's begun going to the gun range and recently got into skydiving. "I'm an extremist and I push every limit to its fullest!"


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Heather Shanholtz said guys compliment her most on her butt. As for guys, she thinks personality is more important than looks because "looks always fade with time." 


She said her hidden talent was that she has a "Gene Simmons tongue and am double jointed and extremely flexible." Heather Shanholtz also had four tattoos: "On my ankle, hip, lower back, & on the inside of my bottom lip. My lip tattoo has the most meaning. My best friend and I went out and got them. Mine says 'We Live' and his says 'Like This' so when we stand next to each other it says 'We Live Like This'."


Heather Shanholtz is currently single and resides in Miami, Florida.

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