Heather Graham

Heather Joan Graham is an American actress probably best known for her role in “Boogie Nights.” She is set to appear in “The Hangover 3,” coming out this summer.

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  • D.O.B. January 29, 1970
  • Age50
  • Hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • NationalityAmerica
  • Current Town New York City
  • Height5' 8"
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Eye ColorBlue
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress
  • Marital Status Single


Though she was born in Milwaukee, Heather Graham attended elementary school in Virginia. Her father worked for the FBI and her family had to relocate often. Raised Catholic, she recalled that her parents threatened to send her to a convent. She doesn’t like to talk about her parents because she feels it gets misrepresented.


In high school, Heather Graham was teased because she hadn’t fully developed physically and was considered a “theatre geek.” Though her mother drove Heather to auditions, Heather’s family was uncomfortable with her dreams of becoming an actress. Eventually, Heather and her family stopped communicating altogether (askmen.com). She said of Agoura (where she went to high school), “It was way conformist; people were just white, Republican, upper middle class – everyone was the same. The arts were not embraced.”


In her teens, Heather Graham landed advertisements for Ivory shampoo and Mountain Dew.


When she graduated from Agoura High school, she was voted “Most Talented” by her senior class.


She took small parts in “License to Drive,” “Twin Peak” and “Drugstore Cowboy.” She spent two years at UCLA, majoring in English Literature. After a few more roles, she got her breakout role in “Boogie Nights.”


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Heather Graham said of her role in “Boogie Nights,” “It was the timing in my life. I got a lot out of doing Rollergirl…that role gave me a lot of confidence.” She even landed on the cover of “Rolling Stone.”


Heather has also appeared in “From Hell” and “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,” among other projects.


People magazine named her one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 2001.


Aside from acting, Heather Graham is known for her high-profile boyfriends, including Stephen Hopkins, Edward Burns, Heath Ledger, Russell Crow and Chris Weitz, among others. She admits to being a great poker player and is also a proponent of tantric sexual healing.


Heather Graham has never gone on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. “Who would be interested in the fact that I’m about to brush my teeth?”


As for watching herself on screen, she said, “Sometimes it’s hard, I have to say. It is a bit weird, and it can be strange. But it’s also kind of amazing to think, ‘I can’t believe I’m in this movie and, like, people are watching it.’ It’s so cool.”


In 2013, the bathroom in her New York apartment caught fire after she left burning candles unattended.


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