Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels is an adult model and actress with numerous AVN Awards to her name, as well as over 450 adult films to her credit, including “I’m Here for the Gangbang 2” and “Breast Worship 2.” Her measurements are 38F-39-41, and her breasts are all natural. She also appeared in the mainstream projects “Piranha 3D” and “Look: The Series.”

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Maybe in a touch of irony, Gianna Michaels' first job was “at a hamburger joint in Seattle called Dick’s.”

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In 2001, Gianna Michaels moved to California and worked as a receptionist. She was inspired to try modeling, and modeling led her to nude modeling, which led her to porn. She got into the adult business in December 2005. “I was introduced to the industry by a suitcase pimp I met…I was intrigued by the money and how badly I wanted a car. Good Lord, he was a loser. But I got my car and introduction to the adult industry.”

As for what she likes sexually, Gianna Michaels said, “I like being bit on the neck. I like it when it’s f*cking passionate. Throwing each other against the f*cking wall because you’re so into it. It’s gotta be nothing but 100% raw lust.” She prefers to swallow, though she has said, “A good whore doesn’t kiss and tell.” She added that size doesn’t matter, only chemistry.

As far as letting her boobs bounce during a scene, Gianna Michaels said, “I love the look on a man’s face when I do it like [that]. It drives him insane. It makes me smirk on the inside. Sometimes it hurts, though, that’s a lot of meat.” As for her body, she said, “I think pornography is all about curves. There’s a whole bunch of sizes and shapes in this industry.”

Gianna Michaels said her career is like a freelance business. “You wake up in the morning and you check and see if there’s any work that day, and you go if you want to go, or you stay home if you want to stay home. I’m going to keep doing this as long as it pays, because I love it. I work three days a week and I’m making my living just fine.”

She has a tattoo of the Eye of Rah, which is “protection from negativity, negative people, and [the] evil eye. It’s my hater blocker.”

As for having relationships outside of porn, she said, “Relationships in general are hard.” Gianna Michaels resides in Los Angeles and is currently single.

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