Gemma Lee Farrell

Gemma Lee Farrell is a model probably best known for her appearance as Playboy’s Miss November 2013. She is also a spokesmodel for Monster. Her measurements are 33C-26-34.

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Gemma Lee Farrell was born in New Zealand, but now calls California home. She was actually the first New Zealand-born Playmate. “It’s an amazing feeling! I’m proud to be a New Zealander and so proud to be a Playmate.”


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Gemma Lee Farrell got into modeling when she was 18. “I had never thought of being a model, I was a little ugly duckling at school, but I was asked to shoot for Ralph magazine…I guess I grew into my looks.” She came to the attention of Playboy photographers after they saw her photos on Instagram.


She said her Instagram account was deleted before her Playboy issue was released due to a picture where her nipple was visible. “Fortunately, I have friends at Monster Energy who helped me get it back.”


Gemma Lee Farrell was featured on a New Zealand reality show called “Girl Racers.” She said, “I was so very young then, about 17-18. It was super dangerous. I did really well. You go so fast in those cars. It’s an incredible adrenaline rush.” She wouldn’t consider racing as a career now, though. “One accident could ruin it all.”


She also once had a job in a parole office at a prison, but she had to leave “as too many inmates had my poster on their wall and it got a bit creepy.”


Gemma Lee Farrell said when partying at clubs, she doesn’t really get hit on. “I guess nobody ever thinks they have a chance and they’re intimated by us, which is weird. I’ve heard a fair few cheesy pick-up lines, but it’s rare for a guy to make a serious attempt to pick me up.”


Her next goal in life is to become an actress. “Acting has always been my #1 but modeling took over my life the past five years.” Aside from modeling, she likes to travel. “I want to travel until I can’t travel anymore.” She loves to spend time on Google. "I will Google so much every day – everything from how to cook meatballs to things about my body to my dreams at night,” (


She shared that she is a big family girl. “I speak to my parents almost every day even though they are on the other side of the world.”


Gemma Lee Farrell is currently single (but probably not for long).

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