Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier is a Canadian television and film actress. She is best known for her roles on series such as "CSI: NY," "Two and a Half Men," and "Lost Girl," as well the films "40 Days and 40 Nights" and "Saw II."

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Emmanuelle Vaugier was born on June 23, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where she still has a home today. Raised in a French-speaking French Roman Catholic household, she speaks fluent French and spent her early years attending the all-girls Crofton House School for 10 years. During that time, she began taking an interest in acting, even becoming an understudy in a school play that she later wound up playing due to the lead actor's illness. From here, she transferred to Magee Secondary School which offered a flexible academic program for professional/pre-professional student artists.

Prior to her first major role on the TV series "Madison" in 1996, Emmanuelle spent her first three years out of high school as a model in Japan before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting full-time. From her humble beginnings and small roles on series such as "Police Academy: The Series" and "The Outer Limits," she was eventually cast in a prominent role in the 2002 romantic comedy "40 Days and 40 Nights." From there, she moved on to a series of regular roles on TV shows such as "CSI: NY," "Two and a Half Men," and "Lost Girl," while also continuing to star in movies like "Secondhand Lions" and "Saw II."

In her spare time, Emmanuelle loves to go hiking. But more than anything, she loves her two dogs Jack and Bella, whom she flies to sets, as well. She loves animals so much, in fact that she even became involved with the animal rescue charity Best Friends Animal Society, an organization which rescue and rehabilitates animals to ensure the best life possible for them.

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