Daniella Grace

Born Daniella Grace Almeida, but known simply as Daniella Grace, she's a Wilhelmina model, actress and blogger, probably best known for her scorching Instagram with over 160 thousand followers. Originally from Lake Tahoe, she now calls Los Angeles home. 

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Daniella Grace iѕ a beautiful blend of Brazilian, Portuguese аnd Italian heritage, so it's no surprise that ѕhе can speak Portuguese аnd Italian fluently. 


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When she was 20 years old, she moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. The first month out of school, she landed her first major role in the feature film "Sand Castles."


As for her blogging career, she wrote, "Blogging first stemmed as a creative outlet for me and my travels but it soon became my support. It allows me to have the open schedule I need for auditions and it enables me to continue to pursue my other love for fashion."


As for a typical day in Daniella's life, she said it always starts off with a cup of coffee. "To say I'm an addict would be an understatement. Every afternoon, if I'm not shooting or at castings, I try and get some sort of exercise in whether it be surfing, running or yoga. And my evenings usually consist of cooking an organic dinner at home, studying films or reading 'The Power of the Actor' by Ivana Chubbuck."


Daniella did have a twin sister Taylor Faith, whо passed аwау аftеr birth. Daniella now uѕеѕ hеr middle nаmе Grace inѕtеаd оf hеr lаѕt nаmе tо honor hеr twin.


Her favorite quote is "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."


As for her love of acting, Daniella Grace said, "I've always been curious to hear about peoples stories and their backgrounds. I'm literally obsessed with figuring out how our minds work and uncovering all the pieces of someone's life that shapes them into who they become."


Daniella Grace was once rumored to have been romantically involved with Clippers forward Blake Griffin. She is currently single and resides in Los Angeles, California.

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