Charmane Star

Charmane Star (born Sheryn Santos Lascano) is a Filipino adult actress. She has appeared in over 280 films since 1998. She is sometimes billed as Charmain Star, Charmane, Charmaine, and a variety of others. Her measurements are 34B-22-34.

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Charmane Star understands the language of Tagalog, but can’t really speak it. Her belly button is pierced and she has a tattoo of a circle on her right bicep, a fish on her left shoulder and a star on her left arm. She mainly does boy-girl and girl-girl scenes, and rarely does boy-girl-boy scenes as they were “too much.”


Charmane Star has seven brothers and one sister. She moved from the Philippines to California when she was two. She lived in San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento, where she attended Natomas High School. Her sister, Leah Santiago, was also briefly in the porn business.


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Charmane Star lost her virginity at 14. She didn’t like it and waited until she was 16. Soon after she turned 18, she became a nude model and appeared in her first porno in 1998. Her very first layout was with a girl and she’d never been with one before. “They paid me a lot of money for a cover.” She was “a little nervous, but more excited, and that’s when I knew I could be part of this industry.” Her parents found out about her career because her younger brother told them.


Charmane Star quit the industry four years later in order to run a nightclub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but made her return in 2003. Apparently, running the club was many times harder than adult films.


She has worked as a feature dancer at strip clubs as well as a model at car shows. Aside from porn, she has appeared in the music video “That’s How I Go” by Baby Bash. She also collects sculptures and paintings. She would one day like to own an art gallery.


In 2005, she was learning to be a disc jockey. That same year, she was nominated for an AVN Award for “Best Oral Sex Scene” in “Eye of the Beholder.”


Charmane Star has a boyfriend in Toronto who is not in the industry. She has been dating him for over ten years, on-and-off. “I date civilians.” She added, “It’s a business. I treat it as a business. I’ve never dated anyone in the business.”


As far as making a living in an age of free internet porn, she said, “It’s harder. You have to build a name, build a fan base.” Charmane Star is producing a TV show called “Eating Out With Charmane,” a dining show. She is waiting to see if will get picked up.


She would one day like to get married and have kids. As for dating, she said, "You’re not going to get in my pants the first night. It takes a few dates.” She also needs a guy to be a good kisser. Her fetish is shaving guys down below.


Charmane Star is currently single and resides in West Hollywood, California.

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