Carrie Underwood

Born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Carrie Underwood is a country singer who came to fame when she auditioned in 2004 for "American Idol."

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Carrie won the competition in 2005, which included a recording contract. She has since become a five-time Grammy winner, selling more than 14 million albums and scoring 14 Number One singles.

As a child, Carrie Underwood performed at talent shows and her local church. In high school, Carrie was an Honor Society member, cheerleader and played basketball and softball. She attended Northeastern State University and graduated magna cum laude.

Carrie Underwood's debut album was "Some Hearts." She followed it up with "Carnival Ride," in 2007, "Play On" in 2009 and "Blown Away" in 2012. Carrie said, "That's the great thing about being an entertainer. You're just a big actor. I'm not the person in person that I am on stage."

As far as collaborating, Carrie Underwood says, "I'm not afraid to sound stupid anymore, which is always the biggest hump to overcome in the beginning. I also don't put that much pressure on myself to write everything. I don't think it's necessary. There are the best songwriters in the world right here in Nashville and I feel like I'd be doing myself a disservice, my album a disservice, and my fans a disservice to ignore that. It would be easy to sit down and write the whole album by myself, but it wouldn't be the best album that it could be" (

Carrie added, "I feel like I've taken all of my albums into as many different directions as possible while still keeping them cohesive."

Carrie Underwood made her acting debut on "How I Met Your Mother" in 2010, and her film debut in "Soul Surfer" in 2011.


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Aside from being a singer, Carrie also has been the spokesperson for Vitamin Water, the Pedigree adoption drive, and an ambassador for Olay skin care. She also established the Checotah Animal, Town and School Foundation in 2009 to help with the needs and services of Checotah. Carrie Underwood also champions other charities, including PETA (she's a vegan), Habitat for Humanity and Stand Up to Cancer.

Carrie Underwood has dated Tony Romo and Chace Crawford, before becoming engaged and marrying Mike Fisher. Carrie Underwood added, "Everything we are at this very moment is a culmination of everything that we've done in our entire lives.I don't know how kids would fit into my life right now.right now they wouldn't. I'm not on that bandwagon just yet, but I guess you figure out how to make room."


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