Capri Cavanni

Born Angela Terrano, Capri Cavanni is an adult model and actress probably best known for being a Penthouse Pet of the Month September 2013. Fans may recognize her from her work in “Jack Attack 2” and “Bangin’ the Boss,” among many other titles. She is sometimes billed as Capri Cavali, Capri Cavalli or Angel Rose. Her measurements are 34D-25-34.

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Capri Cavanni was born and raised in a small town outside of Vancouver. After she graduated high school, she attended college in order to become a veterinarian. It was while in college that she began modeling for swimsuits and lingerie.


In 2008, she jumped into the adult modeling industry. “I looked into it for a long time. I thought about it for about six months, and I wanted to move from Vancouver to somewhere really warm…I was already a model and so I just irrationally got in my car and drove down.” She added, “I wanted to try it because I wanted to sleep with girls!” She tried to find women in her hometown, but she “found it difficult to find hot girls down to f*ck.”


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The person she looks up to is her Nonna. “My Nonna taught me to be strong and she taught me I can survive anything if I believe in myself…she taught me not to care what people think and to be myself, to follow my path and no one else’s.”


As for getting into the skin biz, Capri Cavanni said, “I don’t think any girl can become fully prepared in this industry no matter how much they try or how many questions they ask, it all comes from experience. And without those experiences you don’t really grow, I guess.”


As for living in Los Angeles, Capri Cavanni said, “People in Los Angeles are rather abrasive. A lot of people here are really all for themselves.”


What she likes about the porn industry is that the money is good, “and not having to work very often. Not having to have a normal Monday through Friday 9 to 5 job…I have my freedom, I live very comfortably, and I get to have sex with great people.”


A perfect date for her is “someone who entertains me. People think I’m weird for saying this but going to the zoo, or an aquarium…animals have been my thing since I was a child. That’s all I’ve been about. Animals and flowers.” She added in a separate interview, the things in a guy that are important to her are good looks, intelligence and “a great c*ck.”


Her favorite body part is her legs – “thighs and all. I can’t say I have a least favorite, but the only thing I would change is I would make my booty bigger.”


Capri Cavanni admitted she has no fetish. “I’m so vanilla.” As far as feature dancing versus shooting videos, she prefers videos. “I like meeting fans and shaking my thang for the crowd, but porn is by far my favorite." When not working, she’s an avid skydiver, and she reads. “I shop a lot, I hike a few of the local trails, I take my dogs to the dog park at least two times a week.”


Capri Cavanni is single and resides in Los Angeles.

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