Brittney Palmer

Brittney  Palmer is probably best known as a ring girl for the UFC Octagon. She is also a Playboy Playmate, and a host for “Ultimate Answers,” a series that followed the lives of UFC fighters outside of the octagon.

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Though born in San Diego, Brittney Palmer was raised in Las Vegas. She has been a professional model and entertainer since she turned 18, having appeared in Ultimate Variety Show, Jubilee, a magician’s assistant to Nathan Burton, and a lead dancer in X Burlesque.


Brittney Palmer said her favorite things about being an Octagon Girl are the traveling and the fans. Her turn-ons are a sense of humor, ambition and talent. And the best way to pick her up is to make her laugh. She added, “My perfect guy has to be active, love fitness, love dieting, and truly enjoy it.”


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Her musical tastes span from Jimi Hendrix to Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones. She also has a few tattoos.


Brittney Palmer’s hobbies include painting, dancing and snowboarding. As for painting, she actually took a hiatus from the UFC in order to attend art school at UCLA. “Being in art school is fun. It’s a different kind of homework. You just get to go paint and have wine and you get to hang out with the coolest artists in Los Angeles.”


Regarding her appearance in Playboy, she said, “It kind of just felt natural to do. I’m an art student, and I paint naked girls all the time, but this time I’m on the other side of the canvas, and I’m the subject. It’s an experience.”


Brittney Palmer describes herself as a flower child at heart. She released a Brittney Palmer calendar. She also has her own clothing line called “Stone Free” through Jakt Apparel. She was also a spokesmodel for Gamma Labs, a pre-training formula she uses.


As far as getting noticed in everyday life, Brittney said, “I think I look a lot different when I’m fully clothed than when I’m rocking the UFC Octagon Girl outfit, so not too many people recognize me when I’m out and about. Sometimes it happens, it’s very rare, but I’m so grateful for my fans and I love taking pictures with them.”


Brittney Palmer resides in Venice, California. “I’m a surfer chick that absolutely loves the beach.”

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