Bobbi Billard

Bobbi Billard is a bikini model, actress and former professional wrestler who has appeared in a variety of magazines, including People Magazine Australia and Playboy's Voluptous Vixens. Voluptuous is right. She boasts 36DD-26-36 stats. She also happens to be everywhere on social media (she was the third most popular female on MySpace with over 1.5 million friends).

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She was born Barbara Anne Billard and began modeling when she was 12. You can catch her on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or her own website She's so popular on social media that she has maxed out on the amount of friends allowed. 


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Some fans may recognize her from her first commercial "Green Bay Watch" for Diet Dr. Pepper, which was shown during Super Bowl XXXV. In an interview with IGN Babes, she said she got into modeling early on. "I always knew that I wanted to model; even at the age of four I was striking a pose...As a child, I was made fun of...My mother told me not to worry and that my full lips would be on the cover of Vogue someday. Well, maybe not Vogue, but they did make the cover of Mini-truckin' Magazine."


Bobbi added, "I loved being in front of the camera and got a lot of experience early on. Success is definitely the best revenge as long as it motivates you to do something positive for yourself. So that's how I got started in this business. I think it is really important to like what you do for a living and I absolutely love modeling."


Bobbi Billard later became a professional wrestler in the Women of Wrestling, where she appeared under the name Summer. She later signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2003. After an injury, she retired from wrestling.


Not just a pretty face, Bobbi is on her way to earning an Associates Degree in Interior Design. She also raises money for PANCAN for pancreatic cancer research, inspired by her father's struggle and subsequent passing from the disease. She spearheads a campaign Bobbi's Million Dollar Mission. 


Bobbi Billard currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is single - but probably not for long.

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